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Himalayan Rudraksha Seeds

Hand-knotted and awakened in sacred Rudraksha seeds which grow in the Himalayas. With a gemstone accent at the Guru Bead, the Omkara Mala provides the wearer with energetic protection, many health-giving benefits and expansion of the soul's potential.

Rudraksha is also known to promote a number of health benefits including the regulation of blood pressure, the relief of joint pain, skin issues and many other ailments. It is also very enhancing for the intellect, promoting high levels of concentration and memory.

This ancient soul jewelry has the power to influence, evolve and protect the soul through increased high, peaceful & divine vibration and ultimately more awareness of unity and connection.



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Smaller Rudraksha seeds are more rare and prized than larger ones.  Hence, the smaller sized beads are slightly higher in price than medium.