Caring for your Mala Beads



Your Beads Pray Love Mala Beads have been hand-knotted using several strands of strong and durable bonded nylon threads.  The tassel of your beads is either pure cotton or silk.

  • Please avoid stretching your mala. This puts undue pressure on the knots and may lessen the lifespan of your beads. 

  • Please avoid 'twirling' the tassel of your mala.  This can cause the thread near the tassel to wear quickly and break at this point.

  • Please avoid submerging your mala in water.

All malas used for chanting eventually do need restringing due to the ongoing movement of the beads during mantra repetition. 

Please contact us by email if your mala needs to be restrung in the future. 


Cost and the terms of restringing Beads Pray Love Malas  at the discretion of

Premajyoti & Beads Pray Love